Acacia Ferruginea

Acacia Ferruginea

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Botanical Name: Acacia ferruginea

Synonyms: Acacia ferruginea DC. Mimosa ferruginea Roxb. Synonym Mimosa ferruginea, Senegalia ferruginea

Common Name: Rusty Acacia

Altitude: 150-1 500 mt.

Seed collection period: Sep- Dec.

Seed longevity: 6-12 months 

Botanic Description:  Acacia ferruginea is normally a smallish, drought-resistant, deciduous tree, not more than 12 m tall and 50 cm DBH. Commonly attaining 35 cm DBH with a bole rarely straight for more then 2-3 m. Branches slender, armed with conical prickles; spine persist on bole until it reaches about 15 cm DBH. Twigs are zigzag at nodes, wiry, glabrous, green or reddish. Primary roots are long, thin, tapering, wiry, yellow to brown.