Albizia procera

Albizia procera

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Botanical Name: Albizia procera

Synonyms: Albizia procera (Roxb.) Benth., Acacia procera (Roxb.) Willd., Mimosa elata Roxb., Mimosa procera Roxb.

Common Name: White Sirish

Seed collection period: Oct.- Nov

Seed longevity: 1-2 years

Botanical Description:

Albizia procera is a tree with an open canopy, up to 30 m tall and trunk of 35 (60 max.) cm in diameter; bole straight or crooked, up to 9 m. Bark smooth, pale grey-green, yellowish-green, yellowish-brown or brown with horizontal ridges; underbark green, changing to orange just below the surface; inner bark pink or straw coloured; branches terete, glabrous.


During the dry season the tree becomes almost leafless for a short time. Depending on the location, pods can take 8 months to ripen, as in India, or tree could flower and fruit throughout the year. Seeds may be released from the mature dehiscent pods still attached to the tree or from windblown pods that later dehisce or decompose. In Australia, flowering occurs about March to May and the fruits mature from July to October. In Sudan, it flowers from March to April and fruits in May. Flowers are bisexual.