Annona squamosa

Annona squamosa

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Botanical Name: Annona squamosa

Synonyms: Annona squamosa Linn, Annona biflora, Annona cinerea Dunhal, Annona forskahlii DC

Common Name: Custard-Apple, Sugar-Apple, Sweetsop

Seeds collection period: June- July

Seeds longevity: 6months


Annona squamosa is a small, semi-(or late) deciduous, much branched shrub or small tree 3 mt. to 8 mt. (26 ft) tall very similar to soursop(Annona muricata) with a broad, open crown or irregularly spreading branches and a short trunk short, not buttressed at base. The fruit of A. squamosa (sugar-apple) has delicious whitish pulp, and is popular in tropical markets. 

Branches with light brown bark and visible leaf scars; inner bark light yellow and slightly bitter; twigs become brown with light brown dots (lenticels - small, oval, rounded spots upon the stem or branch of a plant, from which the underlying tissues may protrude or roots may issue).