Araucaria cunninghamii

Araucaria cunninghamii

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Botanical Name: Araucaria cunninghamii

Synonyms: A.cookii R.Br.ex Lindl. Syn. A.columnaris(Forst.) Hook.

Common Name: Colonial pine and Queensland pine

Seeds collection period: June- July

Seeds longevity: 4 months


Araucaria cunninghamii is a large, unbuttressed, symmetrical tree, 50-70 m high; bole straight, cylindrical, self-pruning, clean to 30 m or more; mature trees 1.2-1.7 m in diameter; trunk internodes variable, 1-4 m; crown pyramidal to flat; branches in whorls of up to 6, more or less horizontal, with 2nd- to 5th-order branchlets; outer bark dark plum, redbrown or grey, rough, peeling off around circumference in stringy papery layers; middle bark reddish-brown; inner bark mottled white. 


The wood is a high quality timber that is particularly important to the plywood industry and also used for furniture,veneerjoinerypanellingparticle boardflooring and boats. Most natural stands in Australia and Papua New Guinea have been depleted by logging. It is now mainly found on timber plantations; however, the species continues to thrive in protected areas, including Lamington National Park where at least one walking track is named after it.