Barringtonia acutangula

Barringtonia acutangula

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Botanical Name: Barringtonia acutangula

Synonyms: Barringtonia acutangula Gaertn.,Barringtonia spicata ,Eugenia acutangula , Eugenia acutangula L. , Stravadium acutangulum Miers.

Common Name: Barringtonia, Freshwater Mangrove, Indian Oak, Indian Putat

Seeds collection period: Aug- Sep.

Seeds longevity: 1-6 month


Evergreen trees, to 15 m high, bark 10-12 mm thick, surface dark brown, rough, rich in tannin; blaze yellow; branchlets densely tomentose. Leaves simple, alternate, clustered towards the tip of branchlets; stipules lateral, cauducous; petiole 6-12 mm long, slender, glabrous; lamina 7-18 x 2.5-7 cm, oblanceolate, obovate or elliptic-obovate, base cuneate, or attenuate, apex obtuse, round or subacute, margin finely serrate, glabrous, subcoriaceous; lateral nerves 8-12 pairs, pinnate, slender, prominent, intercostae reticulate, slender, prominent. Flowers bisexual, 6-8 mm across, red, in terminal pendulous racemes; bracts small, deciduous; calyx tube campanulate, adnate to the ovary; lobes 4, ovate, acute, imbricate; petals 4, ovate, obtuse, imbricate, basally connate, adnate to the staminal tube; stamens many, in several rows; filaments exserted, filiform, 1.5 cm long, pink, connate below; ovary inferior, 2 mm, 2-celled, ovules 6-8 in each cell; style to 2 cm, filiform; stigma small. Fruit a fibrous berry, 2.5-3.8 cm long, oblong-ovoid, bluntly quadrangular; seed one, ovoid.