Bauhinia Racemosa

Bauhinia Racemosa

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Botanical Name: Bauhinia racemosa

Synonyms: Alvesia Welw.,Ariaria Cuervo

Common Name: Bidi Leaf Tree, mountain ebony and kachnar

Seeds collection period: Feb-May

Seeds longevity: 1 year

Botanic Description:

Bauhinia racemosa is typically reach a height of 6-12 m and their branches spread 3-6 m outwards. The lobed leaves usually are 10-15 cm across.

The five-petaled flowers are 7.5-12.5 cm diameter, generally in shades of red, pink, purple, orange, or yellow, and are often fragrant. The tree begins flowering in late winter and often continues to flower into early summer. Depending on the species, Bauhinia flowers are usually in magenta, mauve, pink or white hues with crimson highlights.