Callistemon viminalis

Callistemon viminalis

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Botanical Name Callistemon viminalis
Common Name Weeping Bottlebrush
SynonymsMelaleuca viminalis
Collection Locale Plains and low terrain, INDIA
Altitude upto 1700 ft
Seed Collection period Sept-Oct
Seed Longevity 2-3 year
Seed Purity 99 %
Seed Treatmentn
Usual Germination 60-90 %
Characteristics: Evergreen, Ornamental
Seed Counts per KG
Appro 10000

Callistemon viminalis, also known as Weeping Bottlebrush, is a shrub or small tree in the family Myrtaceae. It is native to the states of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia where it often occurs along watercourses.

Weeping Bottlebrush grows up to 8 metres in height and has pendent branches with leaves which are 3 to 7 cm long and 3 to 7 mm in width. The bright red flower spikes, which are 4 to 10 cm in length and about 3 to 6 cm in diameter occur between spring and summer.

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