Cenchrus Setigerus

Cenchrus Setigerus

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  • Botanical Name: Cenchrus setigerus
  • Synonyms: Cenchrus setigerus Vahl (syn. Cenchrus biflorus Roxb.), Cenchrus setigerus Vahl, Cenchrus barbatus Schumach., Cenchrus ciliaris var. setigerus (Vahl) Maire & Weiler, Cenchrus montanus Nees ex Steud.
  • Common Name: Birdwood grass, cow sandbur, (English), mode dhaman grass , motha dhaman, kata -dhaman, kala-dhaman (India).

Cenchrus setigerus is a tufted perennial up to 60 cm tall with flat or folded leaf-blades. False spike dense, 1.5-9 cm long; spikelets 3-4.5 mm long, surrounded by a rigid involucre 3.5-5 mm long, the outer bristles minute or absent, the inner flattened, grooved on the back. Each cluster of spikelets contains one to three caryopses. The inner bristles, in contrast to C. ciliaris, are glabrous connate for 1-3 mm from the base, flat and rigid throughout.

Distribution :Northwest India and north-east tropical Africa.

Season of growth

Altitude range
:500-800 m.