Citrus aurantifolia

Citrus aurantifolia

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Citrus Aurantifolia

Botanical Name

Citrus aurantifolia

Common Name

Key lime, West Indian lime, bartender’s lime, Omani lime, or Mexican lime



Collection Locale

Through out the INDIA


up to 7500 ft

Seed Collection period

July- Aug

Seed Longevity

1 year

Seed Purity

99 %

Seed Treatment


Usual Germination

50- 70 %


Seasonal, Fruit, Ornamental, Timber

Seed Counts per KG

approx 2500

The Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is a citrus species with a globose fruit, 2.5–5 cm in diameter (1–2 in), that is yellow when ripe but usually picked green commercially. It is smaller, seedier, has a higher acidity, a stronger aroma, and a thinner rind than that of the Persian lime (Citrus x latifolia). It is valued for its unique flavor compared to other limes, with the key lime usually having a more tart and bitter flavor.

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