Cupressus Cashmeriana

Cupressus Cashmeriana

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Cupressus cashmeriana (Bhutan cypressKashmir cypressweeping cypress) is a species of cypress native to the eastern Himalaya in Bhutan and adjacent areas of Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India. It grows at moderately high altitudes of 1,250–2,800 mt.

Cupressus cashmeriana is a medium-sized to large coniferous tree growing 20–45 mt tall, rarely much more, with a trunk up to 3 mt diameter. The foliage grows in strongly pendulous sprays of blue-green, very slender, flattened shoots. The leaves are scale-like, 1–2 mm long, up to 5 mm long on strong lead shoots; young trees up to about 5 years old have juvenile foliage with soft needle-like leaves 3–8 mm long.

The seed cones are ovoid, 10–21 mm long and 10–19 mm broad, with 8–12 scales, dark green, maturing dark brown about 24 months after pollination. The cones open at maturity to shed the seed. The pollen cones are 3–5 mm long, and release pollen in early spring.

A tree of 95 mt tall has recently been reported, but the measurements await verification.