Cupressus lusitanica

Cupressus lusitanica

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  • Botanical Name: Cupressus lusitanica
  • Synonyms: Cupressus lindleyi Klotzsch ex Endl. Hesperocyparis lusitanica (Mill.) Bartel
  • Common Name: Cedar-of-Goa, Mexican Cypress, Mexican White Cedar
  • Seeds collection period: Nov-Dec
  • Seeds longevity: 1 year


Cupressus lusitanica is an evergreen tree, 35 m high, with a dense, conical crown. Branches spread out widely but terminate in pendulous branchlets. Trunk short, 70 cm in diameter. Bark on trunk is reddishbrown, exfoliating in long, narrow strips, eventually becoming roughened by the development of many short cracks. Branchlets covered with small, decussate, adpressed, acute, sessile, scale leaves with flexed tips. The distinctly bluish-green foliage is ovate, closely pressed, usually with long, pointed apex. 


Timber: The white wood saws cleanly and has straight fine grain; it is a source of construction wood and pulp wood and is used for furniture, poles and posts.