Ficus Infectoria

Ficus Infectoria

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  1. Botanical Name: Ficus infectoria
  2. Synonyms: Ficus infectoria var. psychotriifolium (Miq.) Domin, Ficus infectoria var. forbesii King
  3. Common Name: White fig, sour fig
  4. Seeds collection period: Mar- April
  5. Seeds longevity: 6-9 month


It is a large tree in excess of 30 mt. tall, with a trunk diameter exceeding 1.8 mt. It can be semi deciduous. Heavily buttressed at the base. The bark is smooth and grey with various bumps and lenticels on the trunk. Small branches smooth, but with scars of leaf stipules. Leaves form with the stipules, and they are shed when the leaf develops. 


Suited to parks and large gardens as an ornamental tree. Often seen planted in Australian parks and botanic gardens. The timber is of no commercial use.