Gossypium Herbaceum

Gossypium Herbaceum

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  1. Botanical Name: Gossypium herbaceum
  2. Synonyms: Gossypium herbaceum var. acerifolium (Guill. & Perr.) A. Chev., Gossypium herbaceum var. vitifolium (Lam.) Mast.
  3. Common Name: Levant cotton
  4. Seeds collection period: Levant cotton


G. herbaceum has high stems that grow 2 feet to 6 feet high with wide, hairy leaves. Their flowers are small and yellow with a purple center. When ripe and in warm weather, the flower capsule will burst and expose the cotton surrounding the seeds firmly. The cotton produced by this plant is short, about 2 inches long and is firmly attached to the seed, which is covered in hairy down. An acre of cotton can be expected to produce about 300 pounds (140 kg). 


Cotton is usually used as a textile while making clothing and can be made into yarns and sheets of fabric. In the Levant seeds are often used for food. It is utilized so often because of its comfortable, breathable properties.