Ipomoea Palmata

Ipomoea Palmata

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  1. Botanical Name: Ipomoea palmata
  2. Synonyms: Ipomoea palmata, Ipomoea stipulacea, Ipomoea tuberculata
  3. Common Name: Mile-a-minute Vine, Messina Creeper, Cairo Morning Glory, Coast Morning Glory and Railroad Creeper
  4. Seeds collection period: Sep- Oct
  5. Seeds longevity: 1-2 year


Ipomoea palmata is a species of morning glory known by many common names, including Messina creeper, coast morning glory, Cairo morning glory, railroad creeper, and mile-a-minute vine. Its native range is uncertain but it can be found on most continents as an introduced species and often a noxious weed. This is a vining perennial with palmate leaves and large, showy white to lavender flowers.