Malus Sylvestris

Malus Sylvestris

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  • Name : European Crab Apple, European Apple
  • Family: Rose Family – ­Rosaceae
  • Growing form and height: Tree or broad shrub. 3–8 m (10–25 ft.).
  • Flowering time: May–June.
  • Flower: Regula, large, fragrant. Calyx-lobes five, narrow-triangular, sharp-pointed, hairy in the inner surface. Petals five, inside white, outside pink, with rounded tip. Carpels three to five, fused. Inflorescence an umbel-like cluster of two to six flowers.
  • Fruit: Small, 1–2 cm, sour, green pome. Dark brown and glossy, oval, flattened seeds within a capsule surrounded by the enlarged, fleshy receptacle.