Melilotus Indica

Melilotus Indica

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  1. Botanical Name: Melilotus indica
  2. Synonyms: Melilotus parviflorus Desf., Melilotus tommasinii Jord.
  3. Common Name: Indian sweet-clover, annual yellow sweetclover, Bokhara clover, small-flowered sweet clover, common melilot, small-flowered melilot, small melilot, sweet melilot
  4. Seeds collection period: April-May


It is an annual or biennial herb from 10 to 50 centimetres (4-20 inches) in height (rarely to one mt.), with yellow flowers. Similar to Melilotus altissima Thuill. in general. The flowers are 2 - 3 mm long they produces a hairless pod of similar length.


It is used as a source of nectar for bees, as forage, and as a soil improver. It is also used in folk medicine. It is poisonous to some mammals, and is a potential seed crop contaminant.