Millettia Peguensis

Millettia Peguensis

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  1. Botanical Name: Millettia peguensis
  2. Synonyms: Pongamia ovalifolia Millettia ovalifolia
  3. Common Name: Moulmein rosewood
  4. Seeds collection period: Nov-Dec
  5. Seeds Longevity: 1-5 years


Millettia peguensis, the Moulmein rosewood, is a legume tree species in the genus Millettia. It is native to Lower Burma and Siam. This is a relatively rare tree as compared to Pongam (Millettia pinnata) that is very similar looking, but more common in India. Pongam has white flowers while the Milletia flowers are bright pink. Pongam has more elongated tip to leaves, while those of M. peguensis are more oval. The plant is a food source for the Jamides bochus caterpillar.