Phoenix Acaulis

Phoenix Acaulis

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  1. Botanical Name: Phoenix acaulis
  2. Synonyms: Phoenix acaulis Roxb.
  3. Common Name: Dwarf Date Palm
  4. Seeds collection period: May
  5. Seeds longevity: 6-12 months


Dwarf Date Palm / Stemless Date Palmis a species of flowering plant in the palm family, native to northern IndiaBhutan and Nepal. Found in altitudes from 350 to 1500 m, P. acaulis grows in scrubland, savannas and in pine forests. Trunks in this species remain underground or, at most, grow to a few inches in height. Leaves are 1.5 m long, gray-green, with 25 cm, pinnately arranged leaflets on short, armed petioles.