Pinus Wallichiana

Pinus Wallichiana

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Pinus wallichiana is a pine native to the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains, from eastern Afghanistan east across northern Pakistan and India to Yunnan in southwest China. It grows at high altitudes in mountain valleys at altitudes of 1800-4300 m (rarely as low as 1200 m), and is a tree from 30-50 m in height. It grows in a temperate climate with dry winters and wet summers.

This tree is often known as 'Bhutan Pine', (not to be confused with the recently-described Pinus bhutanica, a closely related species), and also as 'Blue Pine' and as 'Himalayan White Pine'. In the past, it was also known by the invalid botanic names "Pinus griffithii" McClelland or "Pinus excelsa" Wall., and was also known as "Pinus chylla" Lodd. when the tree became available through the European nursery trade in 1836, nine years after Dr Wallich first introduced seeds to England.