Pistacia Integerrima

Pistacia Integerrima

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  1. Botanical Name: Pistacia integerrima
  2. Synonyms: Pistacia integerrima J.L. Stewart ex Brandis
  3. Common Name: Zebrawood
  4. Seeds collection period: June- Oct
  5. Seeds longevity: 12-18 month


  • Pistacia integerrima is a multi-branched, single stemmed, deciduous tree, up to 25 m tall. The tree has low/dense crown base and roots deeply.
  • Leaves large, up to 25 cm long, pinnate (frequently paripinnate) leaves bearing 2-6 pairs of lanceolate, long leaflets. The terminal leaflet is much smaller than the lateral ones or even reduced to a mucro. The fruits are globular, apiculate, 5-6 mm in diameter, purplish or blue at maturity and with a bony endocarp. The name of Pistacia derives from the Persian name. Classification within the genus Pistacia has been based on leaf morphology and geographical distribution.


  • Timber: Timber used in house construction, carving, furniture manufacture, farm implements, musical instruments and thatch. The timber can also be used in veneer and plywood manufacture.
  • Medicine: P. integgerima galls are used in traditional medicine to treat coughs, asthma, diarrhoea, dysentery, fever, vomiting, appetite loss, nose bleeding, snake bites and scorpion stings. The plant extracts are used in treating livestock diseases.

  • Ornamental: Grown as an ornamental, much appreciated for its crimson leaf colour in the fall.