Putranjiva Roxburghii

Putranjiva Roxburghii

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Putranjiva is a famous, moderate-sized, evergreen tree, growing up to 12 m in height. It has pendant branches and dark grey bark having horizontal lenticels. Leaves are simple, alternately arranged, dark green, shiny, elliptic-oblong, distantly serrated. Male flowers, with short stalks, in rounded axillary clusters, female flowers 1-3 in leaf axil. Fruits ellipsoid or rounded drupes, white velvety; seed normally one, stone pointed, rugose, very hard.
Medicinal uses: Bark and leaves used as medicine; leaves and fruits used as medicine for rheumatism.

Putranjiva is a plant genus of the family Putranjivaceae. Along with Drypetes (of the same family), it contains mustard oils as a chemical defense against herbivores. The ability to produce glucosinolates is believed to have evolved only twice, in the Putranjivaceae and the Brassicales.